Bloggerzareus are extremely proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for one of the forthcoming prestigious eGR B2B awards. The ceremony will take place next month at Wembley, and we are obviously on tenterhooks to see who the winners will finally be.

Bloggerzareus have been shortlisted in the Services Rising Star of the Year category and there is some seriously stiff competition in our group so finding ourselves in the shortlist is a great honour and we really are so very proud to be considered.

Bloggerz provides a full range of copywriting services to a range of clients in a variety of markets; supplying everything from press releases to website static content. We have been recognised in the eGR awards as an up and coming service provider to the eGaming industry, where the majority of our client base currently lies. We’ve built up a truly fantastic client list over time and have had the chance to work with some excellent companies throughout our growth; which is in no small part down to their continued support.

Of course, none of this could have been achieved without the great team of writers that have grown with the business, all of whom continue to provide great quality, interesting and entertaining work to our many clients…… we would therefore like to thank all those that have played such a big part in our achievements to date.

Wish us luck!
Sorry guys it can't be done, after all you get what you pay for and no one can get a Ferrari for the price of a Fiat.

Some of the best names in the industry use the services of BloggerzAreUs. Why is that? Is it because we are the cheapest? Is it because we supply content the fastest? Is it because we offer any reductions in fees for bulk buying? 

We have to be honest and say the answer is ‘No’ to all the above questions. The reason we have such a big name client base is that we deliver superb content that is 100% unique, written by experienced copywriters that know the industry they are writing about.

BloggerzAreUs don’t ‘bang’ out or spin content; each piece is carefully researched and crafted to deliver the message that you want to say…… we can put the words right into your mouth, well onto your site :)